About Us

Beyond Exchange (BE) is a Cultural Exchange and Training Wing of Beyond Management Group a Hotel, IT and Construction Management Company that owns and operates several hotels and resorts throughout the United States. Under the umbrella of Beyond Exchange, BM provides a platform, where students and young professionals from all over the world have an opportunity to participate in various educational, employment and cultural exchange programs in United States of America.

Beyond Exchange was formed for the sole purpose of promoting and maintaining tolerance and sensitivity towards cultural and ethnic diversity. It's mission is to combat discriminatory practices, racial profiling and steriotyping in the hotel industry caused by lack of cultural education. BE seeks to educate and expose the American public to various cultures.

Beyond Exchange specializes in the identification, selection and development of qualified individuals for practical training positions in the American hospitality, IT and Engineering industry. Our Supervisory Development Program is appropriate for individuals interested in furthering their professional development for management position.

Through participation in BE’s structured training program qualified students, recent graduates and young professionals are able to gain a better understanding of American management expertise and business practices. The participants will return to their home country with experience and training that will allow them to succeed in supervisory and managerial positions. Management level participant will also get an opportunity to shine their career in the USA as well.

Our mission, as leaders in global personnel training and development, is to be recognized by international colleges, universities and businesses for our exceptional service in identifying, training and developing highly qualified individuals. Our goal is to provide our participants with an exceptional training program at some of the most recognized hospitality businesses.

Beyond Exchange is a bridge of success between young professionals, students and Beyond Exchange designed programs, which provide practical training, employment, and the opportunity of sharing the history, culture, and traditions of the participant's home country in the United States of America. Beyond Exchange programs gives students and graduates an opportunity to improve their knowledge in American techniques, methodologies, or expertise in their field of endeavors, gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop skills for living and to make American Public understand their culture and society.

Beyond Exchange is driven by a core team of experienced and progressive industry professionals that lead a tight-knit, hard working team and are known for implementing solid management practices, innovative sales and marketing programs and sound operational systems. Our proactive approach has worked for some of the world’s top hotel brands as well as well-known independent properties.

Beyond Exchange represents a diverse range of cultures by enrolling international students and professionals for BE programs from accross the globe. We receive applicants from Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Russia, Korea, China, Maldova, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Jamaica, Egypt etc., therefore making BE extremly rich and diverse in culture.

Beyond Exchange welcomes qualified young professional and students from all over the world to apply for one of our cultural exchange programs / practical training in the fields of, Hotel Management, Business management, Sales Marketing, Tourism, Accounting & Finance, Web / Graphic Design, Public Relations and Communication.

         Opportunities are available to participate in short-term career-related visits to U.S. businesses, seminars or short courses and professional job shadowing through the Professional Visitor Program