What We Do

Beyond Exchange can upon approval from the USCIS sponsor non-US. Citizen’s cultural exchange / trainee visa for practical training or full time employment or un-skilled work in the United States.

  • We provide opportunities to qualified, educated and multilingual students and young professionals from around the world to participate in a Beyond Exchange Cultural Exchange, practical training or internship program to acquire the practical tools, knowledge and experience, development of their skills, necessary for successful accomplishment of any task in their future.
  • Beyond Exchange arranges visa sponsorship, employment and provides full program support to both businesses and trainees. Among the services provided are guidance on regulatory compliance, health insurance recommendations or coverage, information on tax compliance for non-US. citizens, cultural preparation and orientation, and fee-for-service assistance. We also provide management services for employers in the engineering, science, hospitality, and tourism industries including on site employee consulting as a whole or one department at a time.
  • Beyond Exchange arranges sponsorships of non-American citizens for on-the-job training experiences in the U.S. through variety of exchange visitor or training and employment visas such as H, Q and M. We also act as a host company for J1 participants who are sponsored by our J1 sponsors. Beyond Exchange aims to sponsor its own J1 visas and our application for J1 designation is currently pending with the department of state. Further, we guide applicants through all of the visa paperwork and provide information on taxation, insurance, and the training process. We also provide placement assistance and arrangement of fully furnished accommodations for qualified students and young professionals.
  • Beyond Exchange also offers the opportunity to participate in short-term career-related visits to U.S. businesses, seminars or short courses and professional job shadowing through the Professional Visitor Program.